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D8 – Leather textured sheet


  • Названия: D8 - Leather textured sheet
  • Material: AISI 304, 316, 430, 441, 201 ...
  • Base surface: 2B, N4, BA
  • Size Standard: 1250*2500 mm
  • Size by request: possible
  • Thickness: 0.8-1.5 mm

   Stainless steel sheet “Leather” is a metal sheet made of stainless steel, with a characteristic pattern of leather on one side, applied to the surface by means of textured one-sided model rolling. The textured image is applied only on one side, has a clear, pronounced pattern, palpable to the touch. The other side has a standard, matte surface. The name “leather” decorative sheet was obtained due to the similar structure of the picture.

   Stainless steel sheet “Leather” is one of the most popular surfaces of decorative metal on the domestic market. “Leather” is most often used for finishing in rooms and facilities for various purposes: elevators, building facades, machine building, shopping centers, in general, in places where aesthetic appearance of the interior is required. The main feature of decorative leather is the provision of original and unique design, while maintaining high resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion resistance, including in aggressive atmospheric conditions. Depending on the required functions, different steel grades, such as stainless steel (AISI 430, AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 441, and others)

Applications of stainless sheet “Leather”:

Elevators and escalators: Manufacturers of escalators and elevators actively use stainless steel textured sheets LEATHER in their production, resulting in an original design and expanded range of products.
Advertising: Using stainless sheets LEATHER will allow you to attract your customers with an impeccable appearance. Showcases, business cards, banners, posters made on a stainless or aluminum decorative sheet, will serve you for many years, creating a unique image of your company.

Interior decoration: The appearance of decorative stainless still sheets LEATHER allowed the designers to create real works of art. Leather finishing has always been considered a sign of luxury, quality and beauty, and when interior decoration is performed using high-quality decorative stainless sheet emitting leather – a unique and elegant design is created. A combination of options for different surfaces makes it possible for us to significantly exceed competitors in quality, durability and aesthetics of your goods and works.

Facades of buildings: Sheathing of walls, partitions and facades of buildings with rustproof decorative sheet Leather makes it possible to create beautiful architectural structures in a modern and elegant style, preserving them for long years.

Other objects: Stainless steel sheets with the texture “Leather” can decorate a variety of objects, for example, household appliances, furniture, fountains, sculptures, lighting, etc. Expand your range.

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